Live betting on hockey: key points

Today it’s easy to find sources of extra income. The most common (and convenient) is sport staking.
While selecting the discipline pay special attention to hockey as a widespread one. Here we will try to describe the essence of live hockey gambling.

Live bets as the most appropriate hockey offers

Actually, it’s considered that live stakes are the most passable. The reason is that the specific character of the sport allows to estimate the real strengths of opponents and quickly determine the balance of forces of teams, thus you don’t really need to go to the stadium, just watch the broadcast of a match.
As penalties are not a phenomenon here, teams are regularly outnumbered and this creates an advantage and increases the chances of a conversion for certain types of bets. The score in hockey changes on a regular basis.
There are also “dry” matches, and to avoid getting caught in these you should also “switch on” and analyse.
Therefore, to be successful try to select scoring teams, as well as to preview the kick-off, score and total standings with odds.

Advantages of live betting on hockey

Although lots of pros can be found, the main is the predictability of such matches where the favourite is against the favourite or the underdog is against the underdog. Usually in meetings between roughly equal teams the initiative goes to the trailing side after a goal is scored. This factor applies very well to live betting on the next goal.
Also as hockey is full of penalties for infringements, which depend on the rudeness, the referee may suspend the stickhandler for 2 or 5 minutes or altogether until the end of the match. In this case, one of the teams will be outnumbered. If the crew with the numerical advantage kicks the puck, it will be considered that its majority is “exercised” and the offender will enter the rink. According to statistics, the realization of one’s majority is about 20%. But when combined with watching the game, the percentage of probability can increase considerably. That is why gambling on totals and on the “next goal” in live mode is the most stable way to get profit.

Disadvantages of live betting on hockey

Along with pros, such a staking has its own cons. The list of weaknesses consists of these aspects:
Due to the frequency of implementation, bookmakers regularly suspend live gambling. This usually happens after a change in the scoreboard. Some of them don’t accept stakes when a team is outnumbered, that’s why it may be difficult to stake.
The limits for this betting are often not favourable. As a rule, there is no problem with the NHL, but for other competitions bookmakers may set a very high maximum stake.

So is it good to bet on hockey online?

Of course, it is. The only things you need are a smartphone or laptop, access to the Internet, a cold mind and belief in your own powers. Study, develop, gamble and win!